Root Canal Treatment

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

When bacteria enters our teeth it can cause serious complications that can lead to tooth loss if left untreated. The way bacteria gets into our teeth is from cavities (holes in our teeth). Which is why it is really important to attend your regular check ups to identify any potential problems and have any fillings as required (to plug up the holes).

You may start to notice pain or sensitivity within your tooth. These are classic signs that bacteria has made its way to the nerve of the tooth (the pulp). To save the tooth, a root canal treatment is required to remove the bacteria from the tooth and then do a root filling to stop more bacteria from entering the tooth.

Why Would I Need Root Canal Treatment?

We use this treatment to save a tooth. Your natural teeth are the best set you will have. So we will always do our best to save the tooth and will assess each case individually to determine the best options for you. Unfortunately root canal treatments do not have a 100% success rate but we will discuss all scenarios with you prior to starting any work.

If you would like to discuss your situation, please do not hesitate to either call us or fill out the short form below.