Dental Check up

What Is A Dental Check Up?

Checkups (or routine examinations) are a fundamental part of your dental care. Unfortunately there are many various dental complications that can occur within our mouths. Pain or sensitivity may not always be the first sign that you have a problem. Often pain indicates that your dental problem has progressed (meaning further dental treatment is required to bring you back to dental health).

Think of a check up like a service for your car. We have a number of checks we need to complete to ensure your  mouth is healthy. During the examination we may identify a number of items that require further treatment to bring you back to dental health e.g. a hole in your tooth (cavity). bleeding gums etc.

What Do We Look At During A Check Up?

  • Teeth
    • Looking for a build up of plaque and tartar
    • Checking for any cavities (holes in your teeth)
  • Gums
    • Checking the spaces between your teeth and gums (with gum disease the space will be deeper compared to someone with healthy gums)
  • Tongue, throat, head & nose
    • Checking for any signs of trouble (swelling, redness, and possible signs of cancer)
  • We may take an x-ray for further investigation

What Questions Will We Ask?

  • About your general health and if there has been any problems with your teeth since your last visit
  • Your diet and habits such as smoking & alcohol intake. We will give you advice on best practices for looking after your teeth when at home

All of this is important to ensure we can provide you the best dental care. We will treat you as if you were a member of the family.

If your overdue for your check up or you would like to register as a new patient, please do not hesitate to call us or fill out our short form below today.